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Why Are All of Hollywood’s Leading Men So Old?

February 17, 2015 in The New Republic

A trio of films positioning Jack O’Connell as a new leading man lays bare an interesting trend: the industry’s male stars are getting older, with no obvious generation up-and-coming to replace them.

AMIA/DLF Hack Day Fellow Reflection

December 01, 2016 in Digital Library Federation blog

Thoughts from the 2016 AMIA/DLF Hack Day event, which I attended as a ‘virtual cross-pollinator’.


Emulating Legacy Games


Class lecture and accompanying lab exercise presented to the Handling Complex Media course for the NYU-MIAP program.

Video Rescues from the Surry Opera Company


Co-presentation with Michael Grant, on behalf of XFR Collective, as part of Northeast Historic Film’s 19th Annual Summer Symposium, “The Political / The Personal : Global and Local Functions of Regional Media.”

Notes on Creating a Personal Professional Website


Remote presentation to NYU-MIAP course “Advanced Topics in Preservation Studies” on how to create a personal website for purposes of hosting a professional CV, resume, or similar content.


Hello, OctoKitty: Using GitHub


Part of self-designed Talking Tech workshop series for Moving Image Archiving and Preservation students. Co-led with Dinah Handel of New York Public Library.