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Welcome to HCF4Eva!

This is a fan site for 'Halt and Catch Fire'. I didn't watch it while it was airing but some smart people I knew said it was good so I binged through it this summer. Wow it was so right up my alley I can't believe I never watched it. Retro computer history and gaming + Mackenzie Davis + Scoot McNairy + some other people I didn't really know but they're good too and wow the intro theme music is so good that I made it my phone ringtone. Why didn't more people watch this? You should watch it.

About Halt and Catch Fire

'Halt and Catch Fire' was an AMC "prestige" drama that aired for four seasons from 2014-2017, 40 episodes total. It follows a fictionalized account 1980s and early '90s computing history, from the personal computer revolution through the early spread of the World Wide Web. It centers on four main characters: Joe (Lee Pace), a brash and superficial super-seller Don Draper type; Gordon (Scoot McNairy), a struggling computer engineer; Cameron (Mackenzie Davis), a rebellious punk-rock programming prodigy; and Donna (Kerry Bishe), another engineering expert and Gordon's wife. The story takes place over ten years and follows the various tribulations of these characters as they try to make it in the burgeoning and fast-paced PC industry. Basically the first season starts off like 'Mad Men' set in the '80s but re-tinkers the formula in season 2 so that it's more about Cameron and Donna and about how toxic Joe/Don Draper types are and it gets like so so good, folks. The title refers to an (aprocyphal) IBM machine code instruction that would cause a CPU to overclock and cease functioning.

News & Updates

Updated Links - Posted 10 Jan. 2018

The Links page now has a bunch of interesting hypertext to radical computing history sites!

Progress - Posted 9 Jan. 2018

The timeline of major BBS projects is now complete! Or, as complete as I'm aware. Let me know if you have something to add!

Progress - Posted 14 Nov. 2016

Finally addded a Creators page to include info about the people who made the show, which is kinda important I guess. Glad to get back to the computing history section!

Graphics Changes - Posted October 23, 2012

I guess I should actually update this page with proper images that actually relate to the show rather than the NES game fan site I borrowed this code from. Check it out!