Best Things of 2022

While I’m definitely going to continue with this rundown of all my favorite things read, watched, played and listened to in the past year, a definite trend I have to shout out: the movies are back, baby! And not just at AMC Theatres - I mean I rediscovered my personal love of (and attention span for) feature films in a way I haven’t embraced since, if we’re being honest, even before the pandemic. (I’m fairly certain I crossed over 30 new releases and over 100 new-to-me watches for the first time since at least 2017)

So while my tippy-top best movies of the year so far are presented here in non-judgmental alphabetical order, the EMOs are going to return with a true vengeance early in 2023, and I also want to write up some of my thoughts from year one of a Mubi subscription, whose one-movie-added-per-day and clear time limits set up some stakes and boundaries around cinephilia in the great morass of streaming that I found extremely rewarding. More to come over at The Best Films of Our Lives if that’s of interest.

Away we go,




TV Series

Limited Series



(catching up in my first year of Switch ownership I also can say that yes, Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing and Metroid Dread are very good; but both you and Nintendo don’t really need me to plug those)