Best Things of 2021

Comparing this year’s recommendations to last year’s, it’s obvious that at least one difference for me between 2021 and 2020 was an ability to engage more significantly with new (to me) books, TV, and movies, including a few actually challenging works, rather than just slapping the same reruns and absolute trash nonsense on the screen to numb out. Combine that with pandemic levels of homebody time, and my total consumption of good stuff rose proportionally.

One thing I’ve suddenly hit a wall with is tech-related reading. While I have a bunch of reading list titles sitting on my tablet, a piece of my ongoing professional existential crisis is that I can barely stand thinking about computers outside of work hours anymore. So deep dives and recommendations from the Janet Abbate and Lisa Nakamura back-catalog will have to wait until I’ve worked through at least five more thrillers.




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